Hello Again my Fit Fam,

I wanted to take a moment to explain too you all why I am so passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals; and or, health and wellness needs. After I injured my back, and was told that there would be a long, tough road ahead of me I started to fall into a dark hole where everything around me seemed meaningless. Chronic pain and depression go hand-in-hand, and I was experiencing both. Things just simply didn’t matter too me anymore, and my mentality became that of, if I can’t do what I’m passionate about and love, what’s next for me? The timing couldn’t have been any worse, and it just seemed like one thing after the other was causing me to get knocked down another peg almost daily. So naturally I began blaming anyone or anything I could for these setbacks, not realizing that I hadn’t stopped to look at why I repeatedly injured the same area of my back for now the third time. The simple truth was that I was uneducated on proper training habits and was equally stubborn when it came too checking my ego and adhering to a program that was applicable to my body type, as well as past injuries I had sustained. It took me awhile too finally accept that it was my own negligence that caused this and if I ever want to be able to make my dreams come true it was time to “hit the books!” While rehabbing from my back surgery I was accumulating my credentials with the American Council on Exercise, first by getting my ACE Certified and NCCA recognized Personal Trainer Certification, and then later becoming a Specialist in the field of Corrective Exercise and Functional Fitness which is also an American Council on Exercise certification, also recognized by the NCCA. Ultimately, as my Exercise Science and Kinesiology knowledge grew so did my self-efficacy and my ability to design programs for myself and others that have imposed limitations from injuries or surgeries. Today I look at my back surgery, and the months of rehab, as a blessing in disguise, because not only did I re-ignite my passion for fitness, but I also found my way towards the realm of Coaching and helping others overcome the same mental anguish that I dealt with during the post op period. I want ChapterU Fitness too be a safe-haven for those who may be feeling the same way that I did, or who overcame their perception of their specific predicament and share with us all how that was accomplished. ChapterU Fitness is all about where U Fit, this is an opportunity to change your life while writing your own story of your personalized fitness journey. Define your character by what your doing too solve the issue, not by what your going to do! God Bless!!

Johnathan Rogers, Owner of ChapterU Fitness