Failure is necessary to be successful, period. Ask anyone that has accomplished anything that’s worth praise or recognition and I’d bet that they would tell you that they failed more times than they can remember. The measure of success is not based on how you respond to your successes, but how you pick yourself up and move forward after life knocks you down, down, down. Today was the prime example of just that, life taking a big old sh*% on me. As I sat crying my eyes out in my Chrysler 300 that my late, lovely Grandmother so nicely sold too me I realized that I had been heart struck, shattered too pieces in 10 minutes, I sat through two cycles of the barren street corner defined by a single stoplight ugly crying, Kim Kardashian losing her earing in the ocean crying. Yeah, it wasn’t very manly but its my truth. 10 minutes pass and I’ve made it too CVS to pick up antibiotics from the pharmacist and I just start the waterworks all over again, see the pharmacist is a spitting image of my Mother, and being the “Momma’s Boy” that I am, the moment her soft [petite voice whispered, “your total is 10 dollars.” I exploded with big ole’ gator tears. Mortified, that’s all I can say about that 10 minutes of my day.

So I meet my Father too go look at some real-estate that would be for my wife and I too really start a family with, and suddenly life becomes half-full, then ¾’s full, and in another 10 minutes I was overflowing with joy and praising God for the blessing of allowing my wife and I too be in a position where we can fulfill our familial goals that we’ve daydreamed about for 15 years. I get home, I pull up my training app and I see that Trainerize, the equivalence of LinkedIn for private personal trainers, has published one of my blog posts on their official internationally renowned professional blog spot. Suddenly I’m running around giving myself chest bumps with my balled-up fist, and turning on the Carter II, and I became Lil’ Wayne for 10 minutes. 10 minutes later my phone rings, and it’s the Enterprise Assistant Director for Trainerize Reaching out to me to schedule a phone networking meeting regarding the potential transformation of ChapterU Fitness into an official Enterprise venture, creating a physical location and a large network for expansion. Thank you, God, this day is a testament to your strength and your endless love for myself and every single one of you! The moral of the story is that every failure is an opportunity for you too either learn and grow or will become a defeating resentment that limits your potential to find greatness and success in any avenue imaginable! Love my ChapterU FitFam – Coach John, Owner and CEO.