Posted by John Rogers on Nov 01, 2018

Hey there, ChapterU Fit Fam,

I am so excited to start working with U as soon as possible, and I’d love to start by welcoming you to my new training site! I want to make this online training experience as unique to you as possible and am hear too guide you through your new fitness journey, whatever and however that may look is up too you! If you’ve made it this far into my site, I assume that you have some interest in working with an online Personal Trainer and I’d love to discuss with you what it is that you are looking to achieve, and why I am the person that wants to help you achieve this! Whether you were browsing through the internet and happen to stumble onto my site or you were redirected hear from my TypeForm account, I want too get to know what it is that you believe fitness will do for you, and in return I will explain too you what fitness has done for me and why I am so passionate about helping others find what it is they are looking for with exercise. My social media accounts are linked too this site, so feel free too reach out to me through one of the platforms, my TypeForm account, or simply reply to this welcome blog and let’s set up a time for us to have our initial qualifying contact call! With ChapterU Fitness I’m all about where U fit, and where U want to get!!!! Thank you guys!

- John Rogers, Owner of ChapterU Fitness.