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ChapterU Fitness is broken up into 4 individual progressive styled programs that are arranged this way to ensure that each participant begins their individual fitness journey at a level that is most appropriate for them. Each Chapter will have a general fitness goal attached to it, but will be unique to the individual participant, and with my guidance will find a sustainable method or approach to exercise that is effective for them.

The following aspects and characteristics that apply to all the programs (3 components that’ll ensure successful outcomes):

  1. Program participants and I will discover the correct strategy – Through the completion of health history forms, goal setting worksheets, and 1 on 1 initial contact video chat sessions, we will come up with a strategy to figure out which program best suites their needs, as well as which fitness style seems most appropriate to their lifestyle and present fitness level. Included in this brain storming session we will also take a look at their present nutritional intake and agree on specific modifications that’ll improve their overall quality of life, as well as help them too achieve their fitness and health/wellness needs.
  2. Developing a “Can Do” mindset – As a Personal Trainer and Coach I wholeheartedly believe in the “80/20 Rule,” as in 80% of your results are associated to your lifestyle choices and your attitude towards exercise and nutrition, while the other 20% of your results come from the efforts you put in to your workout sessions. Helping program participants to develop a warrior mentality both inside and outside the gym is a major component too having amazing results that’ll last!
  3. We have got to establish accountability – In this I mean that we need to recruit the participants family and friends to hold them accountable to the things that they have agreed they are going to do as a member of the ChapterU Fitness community. The more times the participant hears, “Don’t forget too….” The more likely it is that it will get accomplished.

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Product Information/Services Offered

This is an outline of how New Clients and Perspective Clients will get into contact with me, and ultimately be able to receive their personalized training plans –

  • Inquires for programs or services can be emailed to our information related email address, which is designated for comments, questions, or concerns at any point in time. The email address is - If you are looking for a faster way to get ALL your questions answered, then scheduling an appointment, by clicking the link "Schedule your Appointment" found under "quick links," is the preferred method for initial contact and will provide you with a greater synapsis of what to expect; and or, the services that would be most appropriate and individualized to you.
  • Once potential client is in the preparation stage, as far as choosing an online fitness coaching program, they will then schedule a call with me through a personal account by selecting an open time slot to carry out 1 of 3 different call types, which depend on the stage of program enrollment they are in. (1) Qualifying Call – 10 mins long, this is a brief phone call that will give the perspective client a chance to let me know why they believe said program is right for them. It also allows them the chance too make sure that I am the right choice of coach for them. (2) Detailed Consultation – 30 mins long, this call would be for me to answer any questions, comments, or concerns related to the Program/Chapter they will be enrolling in and will also give me a chance too give them a description of what their personalized routine would consist of. (3) New Client Orientation – 30 mins, this is a thank you and welcome call, where I also summarize the initial assessments and legal forms that they will be completing before program design commences. Their programs will be able to be accessed via my account, in which I will also explain navigation of that site too them as well.