Chapter I

This is an entry level fitness program where the focus is on minimizing the client’s chronic pain, who have completed a prescribed physical therapy regime or have medical clearance for their attending Physician, by implementing a Corrective Exercise routine that will over time increase mobilization of the affected area by stabilizing and strengthening the surrounding joints, muscles, and connective tissue. The program will have an initial 1-hour Video Chat session that will provide me with a clear a concise understanding of the chronic pain site, how it occurred, what movements cause the pain to worsen, the pain level, etc. This call would be considered the Week 1 call and based off of the information gathered I would then create their first 2-week Corrective Exercise program that will be posted on my account in the form of sequential videos. Each week we would touch base on either a video chat platform or via telephone for the client to give me feedback regarding their week and how they feel with their Corrective Exercise routine up to that point. Biweekly progressions will occur, if the participant feels ready, and will receive their updated program accordingly. 

(This includes 8 weeks of individualized Corrective Exercise programming).  *This is a base starting price and is subject too change on a client to client basis (if applicable) in relation to the duration of time needed for client’s bodily response to corrective training, as well as the amount of areas needing attention. A cost analysis and fee proposal will be submitted to the potential client via email prior to any payments for services. 

Contact me for Payment Plan Options: 


(872) 870-3102 

Price: $400.00
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