Chapter II

This program is either for ChapterU Fitness Participants that have completed Chapter I, or for individuals that are looking to minimize pain from postural deviations or incorrect movement patterns by incorporating a Functional Fitness routine into their lives. Chapter I graduates will move into this phase of training once the participant and I feel that their chronic pain has been minimized to a tolerable level for a Functional Fitness routine to be effective and not regress any progress made. Clients that enter Chapter II without having participated in Chapter I must take a Health Risk Stratification Test, and pass with a low-moderate risk score, as well as fill out medical history forms to ensure that they are healthy enough to enter into a Functional Fitness training program. Functional Fitness programs will start at a level respective to the client’s present abilities, and progress biweekly to ensure that there is continued success. The Functional Fitness program will attempt too correct postural deviations and incorrect movement patterns that have caused wear and tare damage by implementing bodyweight style exercises that will progress into light load/resistance bearing exercises that will strengthen the underactive/inactive muscle(s) that have contributed to the client’s issues. Correct movement patterns and Functional Fitness exercises will begin with focusing on the most effected areas of the body and then begin integrating the rest of the bodies Kinetic Chain to ensure that all muscles, joints, and connective tissues are working synergistically again. 

(Price includes 12 weeks of Functional Fitness programming applicable to the individual participating). * This is a starting base price and is subject too change on a case to case basis if the participant is in need of a longer duration too accomplish their Functional Fitness goals; and or, they have variables too consider like weight or moderate risk level risk stratification results for certain illnesses that would demand greater amounts of attention and maintenance. (If applicable, a cost analysis and proposal will be sent to the potential client via email prior to any payments being made.


Contact me for Payment Plan Options: 


(872) 870-3102 

Price: $600.00
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