Chapter III

When potential clients are interested in achieving a certain fitness goal using an online coach or online Personal Trainer, then this program would be best suited for them. The participant would ultimately have total control over their program desires by setting up SMART goals with myself, associated to the fitness or health and wellness goals that they have for themselves. Once the Client and I have a good understanding of what it is they desire, and the approach they are wanting to take in order to achieve their goals, a fitness program will be designed by myself to meet their individualized needs. They will be able to view their fitness program on my account and will be made aware of when it is appropriate for progressions in their training routine to occur. Usually progressions would occur biweekly or monthly, depending on the amount of time the Client has too dedicate to their program, as well as the speed in which their body is able to adapt to the imposed demands of their exercise/nutrition plan. Movement assessments, past exercise experience, medical history, and the results of a Risk Stratification Test (which are pre-requisites for starting this program) will determine the level of intensity, duration, and frequency of the initial exercise program. Progressions in the Clients program will be determined by info they relay too me during our 1- hour weekly Video Chat/Phone Call, with biweekly physical assessments being an option for clear and concise data collection and results focused decision making. (Physical Assessments are totally optional and is included in the Chapter III program if the Client is willing).

(Price includes 4 months, or 16 weeks, of individualized personal training that will be created based on the clients fitness goals and will include biweekly progressive training modules that will help them in accomplishing this). 

Contact me for Payment Plan Options: 


(872) 870-3102 

Price: $1,000.00
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