Chapter IV

This program is either for athletes or experienced fitness enthusiasts that are looking to amplify their performance through both conventional and unconventional methods. Some of these methods would include: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – Based Cardio, Anaerobic Interval Training, Agility/Speed Drills, as well as my personal favorite “TUTtrophy” training (a mixture of Hypertrophy-Based resistance training that incorporates the characteristics of Time Under Tension methodology). All these methods are essentially for those looking to make lean mass weight gains, while not compromising any of the skill-related attributes needed to be successful in a given sport or competitive atmosphere. Participants should expect for their routines to be intense and constantly changing in order to prevent the neuromuscular and the acute sensory systems from adapting to any of the imposed demands associated with this exercise program. Like every other program in the ChapterU Fitness Catalog, the Chapter IV participant and I will base progressions off the info shared during our 1-hour weekly Video Chat/Phone Call, and all program material will be able to be viewed on my personal account. 

 (Price includes 16-weeks of Performance Training Exercise Programs that are individualized too meet the clients needs pertaining to their sport or athletic background). 

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Price: $1,200.00
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