60 Day U

8 weeks of customized personal training 60-Day transformation challenge. The training program is broken into 4, 2 week progression increments that are applicable to anyone, regardless of age, gender, body composition, past workout experience, and preferred methods for exercise routines. This transformation challenge will come with Jaw-dropping results that'll ultimately serve as the foundation for your long-term quality of living! No gym-membership, inflated personal training rates, expensive equipment, or your invaluable time is not necessary. All we ask of our 60 DayU participants is the willingness to take action, be coachable, and driven to turn this 8 weeks into the beginning of the rest of your lives! 60 DayU will not only create the physique that you've desired for so long, but it will provide you with the emotional stability that is directly corelated to improved body mechanics. Self-confidence, a positive outlook on exercise and nutrition, as well as a Master Trainer level training teammate is all guaranteed with this investment. ChapterU Fitness is hear to educate U and turn 8 weeks into a lifetime of health and happiness!


Program Price: $240 for 60 Days of Personal Training, which also includes a weekly coaching call and access to our online training app to view your step by step visual and auditory training routine, as well as our thousands of exercise videos that are in our Fitness Library.

Contact me for Payment Plan Options: 


(872) 870-3102


*You will also gain access to our private IG DM Group and FB group pages which serves as your ChapterU Fit Fam and support system throughout the entirety of your fitness journey.


Add-On's: Dietary Suggestive Plan - 1 time payment of $75 for the entire 60 days of training, in which works parallel to the training program in that the nutritional guidelines progress every 2 weeks and that you will have a 2nd 1-hour coaching added to your first coaching call that comes with the program package.


Payment Options for Training Program (Only): $60/every 2 weeks for 8 weeks, which is 4 payments of 60$ = $240.

Price: $240.00
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