To U: 1 on 1 Training

Program Description:

This is a private personal training service available to the Southwest Florida area; and or region: Lee County, Collier County, Charlotte County, but will travel for the right reasons. 50 miles in each direction from Bonita Springs, Florida is the maximum distance.

This is in-person performance training, with me The Head Coach, Owner, Founder, and Master Trainer level coaching where the only option is achieving your fitness goals. “If you give me 100% effort for the 2,3,4 hours/week that we are training together, I will match that effort and elevate to 150%!” 

This is either a door to door service where I use professional equipment that has been purchased solely for its widely recognized durability and safety. The other option would be too meet at a neutral location that would be covered under my “Personal Trainers Umbrella Insurance Policy,” like a park, home gym, or subcontracted reginal gym that I am able too legally operate within is an independent contracted employee. Really, I am more than confident that if given a 10x10 plot of land and the home gym essentials that I can still provide a monstrous training session that’ll leave you hungry for more!

How it Works:

Contact me for Payment Plan Options: 


(872) 870-3102 

Currently we only have 1 slot left for 1 on 1 in-person coaching, which is something I regularly announce on ChapterU Fitness’ social media platforms but will also be posting updates on the blog portion of the ChapterU site.

1 session/week – 50$/hr

2 Sessions/Week – $90/week or 45$/hr

3 Sessions/Week – $120/week or 40$/hr

4 Sessions/Week - $140/week or 35$/hr

5 Sessions/Week - $165/Week or 33$/hr

6 Sessions/Week – 175$/Week or 29.99/hr

The name of the game is creating a training environment that has exponential potential for progressions, that is enjoyable too U, yet consistently challenging. We are a team, I’m just your training partner that is joining you on the ride towards success!

Price: $50.00
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