My Story

After many years of having a tunnel-vision like approach too fitness, that was not appropriate for my genetic build and exercise responsiveness, I finally injured myself in May of 2018 so severely that a fairly invasive back surgery was necessary.

Surgeons, Doctors, and Physical Therapists alike where all insinuating that this injury could be a “career ender,” or at least seriously limit me from participating in most fitness activities, or carrying out acts of daily living.

For weeks I was devastated, genuinely heartbroken for the first time in my life, mourning the loss of my dreams and passions. It wasn’t until a dear friend of mine reached out and invited me too a fitness-based social media chat group that I was able to slowly bring myself out of the disillusioned state I had allowed myself to fall victim too. I watched as people spoke about Personal Records (PRs) they were hitting in the gym, or different accomplishments they had achieved, and I wanted that bad, really bad.

Whether it was intrinsic or extrinsic motivation that drove me to grab a pair of 5-pound dumbbells and lock myself in the garage is beyond me, the bottom line is that something inspired me to tell myself: “John, this isn’t over, just take it slow and don’t look back!” Day’s turned into weeks, and weeks into months, and sure enough I had figured out how to modify my training sessions to where I was making significant strides towards attaining the fitness level I was striving for pre-injury.

During the weeks and weeks of rehabbing I had ample amounts of time too really dissect my life and ask myself, “Am I happy with my career (in the automotive industry), or am I just settling for what pays the bills?” The answer too that was clear, I want to wake up every morning to work in a field that I am genuinely passionate about and in turn I dove head first into attaining the credentials that would allow me to work as Personal Trainer, Online Coach, as well as Corrective Exercise and Functional Fitness Specialist.

I’ve put literally everything I have into this dream of mine, and I won’t stop until it is my reality, a reality that inspires others to have that epiphany moment that I had where “limitations” was just an 11 letter word that had no control over me, or how I lived my life!